"Steel decor" not only to decorate the house, but also protect your property

By Admin | Window
09 April 2016

Every owner dreams of the house to look attractive, and at the same time be safe.But sometimes it happens that is difficult to reconcile with the beauty and safety.With wrought-iron products company "Steel inlay" to do so it is not difficult.

All the bars on the windows are not only extremely durable, or they can choose and for any exterior of the house or apartment.The company produces and sells protection for windows in different ways and at different price range.

Types lattices

  • Forged lattice (art forging) give the facade a special beauty and monumentality.
  • welded bars on the windows are suitable when you need to quickly establish a low-cost option of protection.
  • sliding and hinged grille protect the room in your absence.At your arrival can be set aside or to open.This will free the window opening.
  • hollow design with flower beds.Will keep the potted plants outside.Can be ordered separately and beds, without a grate in the event that the apartment is located on the top floors and additionally
    take care of its protection is not necessary.

Thumbnails window bars listed on the site http://dveri-best.ru/, astonishingly varied.

For maximum safety and peace of mind of their own, if you are the owner of a country house, villa or apartment in the city on the ground floor, yet it is worth considering, and set any of the above types of bars on the windows.In order to not spoil the look of the exterior and interior, it is desirable to consider a variety of design options such products.

addition grilles on the windows, there is a possibility to order in the workshop "Steel decor" inner grille that will bring some beauty into your home decor.Well, well made sturdy shutters not only decorate the facade, but also serve as the most reliable protection in your absence.

Call 8 (495) 266-76-50, make an order, and the master will come to you at a time that is convenient for you.In its request you can order absolutely any kind of product.And if there are difficulties with the choice, then get help first-class designers.You can not fail to please, and a huge number of colors in which you can paint you ordered lattice.

Our masters quickly produce high-quality grid and install it.