How to make plastic slopes windows plasterboard video trim window slopes with their own hands , mounting and installation

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09 April 2016

During the installation of new windows are often concern about facing slopes rests on the shoulders of the landlord.To solve this problem a variety of ways, but perhaps the most simple and beautiful is to install drywall slopes.Slopes of plasterboard will cost you relatively inexpensive, last a long time and is easy to stand on a stone foundation.Moreover, under the sheets can be routed GK mineral wool, which will play the role of insulation, and will not get cold, frosty winter's apartment.

How to slopes of plasterboard with their hands, a video installation and assembly

How to slopes on the windows of the drywall?Before answering this question, let's deal with instruments and supplies.In order to make accurate and, most importantly, long-lasting slopes for plastic windows, you will need:
  • sheets GCR (1.5-2 page);
  • foam;
  • primer;
  • adhesive for drywall.


  • bucket;
  • spatula;
  • mounting mixer;
  • building knife;
  • roulette;
  • building level;
  • film and masking tape
  • paint brush or roller with a
    short handle.

The first thing to clear the work surface.Remove old plaster or wallpaper.At the interface between the window frame and carefully cut opening trough depth and width of 10 mm.They will then plasterboard.If this method of finishing slopes plasterboard with their hands folded to you, use the U-shaped plastic profiles, screw them on the edges of the window frame.

Once the slopes are ready to go, you can start measurements.Measure each side of the length and width of the sidewall and the top surface and transfer the measurements to the drywall.Cut out the required details and attach to the opening, as demonstrated about the slopes of plasterboard video.It should be noted that this material is easy to cut, the knife would have been good.Be careful while working.

side slope and the top of the openings cover the primer and let it dry.Typically, the solution for the concrete and bricks drying no longer than 2-3 hours, but you will be guided by the instructions manual.And until the mixture will fasten, you can see informative video on the installation.

finishing window slopes plasterboard, photo

Getting finishing window slopes, primarily be engaged in the tip.It is the most difficult part of the entire working area, but because with him the most trouble.In order not to stain the new window, cover it with transparent film to secure it along the frame by means of masking tape.

Before making slopes on the windows, glue on top of the mounting opening flexible mesh, it will prolong the life of the upper limit and provide additional adhesive tenacity.

window slopes of plasterboard must be "planted" on a special adhesive.Dissolve it in a bucket in the correct proportions using a mixer construction.As a result of simple manipulations you should have a substance on its consistency resembles sour cream.Work with imported mixtures in most cases you need to quickly, becausewithin half an hour they seize.For these reasons, it is not necessary immediately to harvest large amounts of adhesive, it is better to do a limited portion.

firm motion, apply glue to the top of the opening with a spatula.The distance between the spanking should be no more than 100-150 mm.If necessary, smooth the solution.Apply the mixture to a sheet of drywall and align it in accordance with the building level.Installation slopes of plastic windows on the sides follow the same principle.If necessary, trim the cardboard sheets.After the basic work is completed, you can move on to finishing, namely fillers and coloring.Examples of finished works can be seen in the photo.

little more on the slopes with their own hands

How to plaster the outside slopes of plastic windows?

outer slopes of plastic windows are even more important part than domestic, since foam quickly amenable to UV rays, collapses and loses tightness.Because usually exterior finish slopes of plastic windows is carried out immediately after installation of the window.The outer slopes must be protected for this use of waterproof plaster cement mixture.Cut off any excess foam that are visible from the street.Apply several layers of plaster and level the surface of coarse sandpaper.The final step is to paint the outer slopes.
Finishing slopes of plastic windows from the outside

Finishing slopes of plastic windows PVC panels

Finishing slopes PVC panels - ideal if you want your windows to the slopes looked impressive.In addition, this method is quite simple and you can do with your hands.Of the tools you need to drill, level, and stapler.From materials: PVC panels, plastic corners, wooden slats, screws, mineral wool and silicone.Install the rails on the perimeter wall and fasten the profiles.On the slopes of secure mineral wool (for insulation and soundproofing).PVC panels cut the desired size and place them on the screws.All seams with silicone and go as they secure plastic corners on slopes.You can also view the video on the slopes finishing PVC panels:

installation of plastic slopes.Tips

Installation slopes of plastic - the process is fairly simple.But how to set slopes in an apartment right?Start with the top panel - Measure and cut the plastic panel of the necessary size.Apply a layer of foam at the point of contact with the window pane.When the foam is dry, fill the remaining gap.Next, set the sill is similar to assembling the top panel.Also, measure and cut the two side panels, fasten them with foam.The joints of the panels and the walls need to paste over the decorative corners.At the end of the work, all the joints with sealant.
Correct installation of plastic slopes

Installing window sills in a private home.Technology

By installation of slopes in a private home, you must not forget the window sills.The tide may be aluminum, copper, zinc and plastic.The first and second option - the most reliable.For installation you need to tide Stationery knife, drill, Bulgarian, and silicone.To start cut away excess foam.Then set the plug on the ebb.Remember that there should be no large gaps between the outflow and the wall of the house.Ebb fix softwood 4h20mm.The joints treated with a sealant.Ebb need to make a window with a slight slope to prevent moisture from getting into the joint between it and the window frame.As a result, we obtain a neat and stylish flow, such as in the photo.
Installation of plastic window sills

finishes slopes of plastic windows

Today, there are three basic options for finishing slopes of plastic windows:

  • plaster soffits.This method is suitable for decoration and external and internal slopes.But plastering slopes absolutely necessary to insulate;
  • slopes of the GCR are only suitable for interior decoration and also in need of insulation.Plasterboard quite affordable material and installation of slope is not accompanied by special difficulties;
  • slopes of PVC materials.Facing of window slopes plastic is by far the most popular option because the material has good thermal insulation properties and does not require special care.And the device slopes of PVC - it is very quick and easy.

Gypsum finishing slopes of plastic windows

slopes Advantages of PVC

Slopes PVC have several advantages over other materials:

  • excellent appearance.Plastic has a perfectly flat surface, during operation does not form spots and stains, cleaning can be done with water and detergent;
  • long life;
  • quick installation.There is no need to plaster and paint;
  • excellent thermal insulation;
  • moisture resistance of the material;
  • vapor permeability;
  • affordable price.

above advantages indicate that the slopes of PVC are the most reasonable and rational choice for plastic windows.
Set on the slopes of plastic windows