How to build a a barbecue with their own hands from a brick for the cottages, designing and drawings street of a brick barbecue, a step by step the construction of , photo

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09 April 2016

Food cooked on fresh air, always tastier, than that, that has visited in the oven, and this known fact.If you love shish kebab or meat on the grill, you a are simply necessary good conditions for cooking your favorite dishes.Invaluable assistance in the creation of of culinary masterpieces in home conditions exerts barbecue.

Construction of barbecue for give you can perform a of stone or concrete, but the most demanded and convenient in the work of material is justly considered a brick.His universal form of allows you to to create unique on design constructions and to erect them in a matter of days.

Construction of a barbecue with their own hands, choice of place of construction of designing and drawings

Preliminary the event

The first thing that is necessary to make before the beginning of grandiose construction of a barbecue with their own hands, - it is pick up the materials and tools.From the materials you'll need a:

  • brick;
  • cement of mark 300 or above;
  • the sand;
  • clay;
  • wooden boards for construction formwork under the foundation;
  • metal sheet for the hood Fume Extraction the pipe.

Required tools:

  • trowel;
  • container for kneading of cement mortar;
  • the nails and a hammer;
  • a shovel;
  • wedges;
  • string of;
  • builder's level.

Special attention give to the choice of the material under the barbecue for summer residences with their own hands.In Ideally is desirable to use are two kinds of brick: Refractory and facing.Among all kinds of fire-resistant brick the best for street furnaces is considered to be fireclay.

Having prepared the necessary materials and tools, start to perform drawing of furnace.He must meet all your requirements.Find ideas of on construction and clearance will help to a photo a barbecue from a brick.Most often same of all construction consists of three main elements: the actual furnace, pedestal and hoods with a small pipe.On the sketch should be reflected not only the external, but and internal parameters.

Dimensions constructions

Examine the projects of street barbecue, it will help you be defined with accurate parameters of the future design of.Approximate same dimensions furnaces for homemade cuisine are such:

  • height of the entire installation - 1700-1800 mm;
  • height of the pedestal - 700-900 mm;
  • height of grilling - 500-700 mm;
  • the thickness of countertops - 70 mm;
  • width - 450-500 mm.

A separate item into their own drawings a barbecue from a brick, store the calculations the foundation.His to do is necessary to, becausebrick structure will turn out heavy enough.For the construction of will suit tape the base of, A buried approximately on 300 mm.

When designing a barbecue from a brick with their own hands will not be superfluous schedule a and calculate an additional hole for the in billets, in niche with crane and sink (rear need additional niche for buckets), as well as shelves for of kitchen utensils, of coals and etc.And in order to process of of calculations was walking faster and more interesting, offer admire the on the summer-resorts a barbecue, photo which there are on our site.

Garden and street barbecue, arrangement of zone and playgrounds, the choice of of design

Selecting a location

Selecting a location, where will stand oven, - this is an important and responsible stage in the construction of of garden barbecue.On the one hand, playground should be available and be near the at home to was comfortable to wear products and the dishes, and with another - she should be located on safe distance from the of housing, neighbors and trees.

During of preparation of dishes oven allocates a lot of heat, that raises its a fire hazardin relation to home.From these considerations is recommended to place pad for the construction of barbecue on the a distance of 3-5 meters from the house, baths, of a barn, or other buildings on the territory of a country house.

Sometimes grill combine with a gazebo.Such variant construction of is possible, but how to make a barbecue with their own hands in this case?In the given situation that part of, in the limits of which is located oven, need to lay out from a brick, whereas as a dining room zone can be built and from a tree.But this is already on the your private the discretion of.What exactly should not be to do, so it is be planted trudging of plants along the walls, otherwise they quickly dry up.

Choosing a place under the fireplaces barbecue, is necessary to consider well as movement of wind.To the fire is not was distributed to the nearby design, as well sparks do not were flying in all directions, grill must be equipped with three walls.Desirably also be positioned edifice rear wall to blown side plot.

Design brick oven

Here any specific of recommendations is not present and, probably, not can be, after all design - it is business individual.Let's say only a, that the furnace should be in harmony with the general décor plot, overlap on style with other buildings, especially with the house of.For example, is possible to use one and the same facing brick or style masonry, the same coloring and etc.

To help in the search of creative ideas will be able to designer for streets a barbecue, photo which there are in our gallery.To a word, barbecue can become the dominant the object of on a plot thanks to decorative finishing of with colored inks, with tiles, tiled with tiles (particularly well to revet countertops), colored mosaics, with refractory the glass and the etc.Get Creative imagination, and you yourself be surprised, as far as bright can be such a a utilitarian object.

BBQ Facilities from a brick with their own hands for the cottages, stages of construction, the process of masonry


Well here, seems, with all the preliminary questions we figured out, it remains to to disassemble question, how to build a a barbecue with their own hands.On the ground stage it is necessary lay out foundation.He manufactured from cement-sandy solution, zameshennogo in a proportion 1: 3 respectively.

To create a of the foundation along the contour of the future furnace are digging a trench depth of the order 300 mm, where to fall asleep rubble or gravel.Drainage layer is necessary to a good pour over with water and how is possible more strongly tamp.Atop the turned out cushions it is necessary to put an reinforcing mesh or metal the bars of.

The final stage of formation of the base of is a Shading of the trench with cement.Pre-need to do the formwork in height 150-200 mm.After pouring the base of it is left to the couple of days in alone for the shvatyvanija a solution.


A laying of a brick a barbecue should begin from the walls of and woodpile, if any is scheduled.Pre-is recommended lay out a small a pedestal in height 60-70 mm, which will stand the the whole construction.

Next, Lift a support portion up to countertops in accordance with the drawing barbecue.The main attention during the construction of should be paid to the firebox.Her spread of a refractory brick on clay solution.During construction turn on the into the design of a grid barbecue.To a word, instead of the of a brick ducts for-fire you can install a metallic detachable pallet, his easier to clean.

The next stage of theory of about how, how to build a a barbecue from a brick with their own hands, consists of a masonry Fume Extraction the pipe.So same as and the firebox, the hood build of refractory bricks, stacking blocks flatwise, at each other, gradually narrowing the neck the pipe.During construction it is necessary to equip constructions of special gate valve, as well on the rear wall the chimney lay out the so-called a tooth (a small bend, which improves cravings).From above it is desirable to to build in visor.

The final stage of stepping through construction of a barbecue is a facing of.Additionally, you can to attach countertop, to fix on the walls of metal hooks for pokers and other economic trifles.

BBQ Facilities with their own hands - it's easy!

How to make street a barbecue?

In fact for streets a barbecue independently create is not so and it is difficult, especially if dispense a small model.For the beginning we will need the foundation, for the furnace weighing up to 500 kg.For such a weight is completely not obligatory venturing that the-then the large-scale, it will be enough the usual the construction board,null, or a self-made fiber reinforced the foundation a thickness of 17-18 cm. Above the the foundation of the letter P're doing a laying brickwork any brand.It carrier element.Install on top of masonry the pallet from metal, anchoring of his with anchor bolts.The interior of of the pallet we fill with fireclay brick related clay-the cement with a mixture of.Streetwear oven a barbecue is almost ready.It remains to complex part of - arched furnace.Her is made from a of well-matched of segments brick and plastered.In the given model cuisine tyagovaya pipe is removable, but you can set and inpatient, from steel pipe Dy 80-100.At desire upper part can be perform a in usual manner, without deducing arches
At first glance, easy to construction barbecue, with a dome oven will have to tinker.

Why did not BBQ, as well a barbecue?

There is no difference, what to build, brazier or a barbecue.Malo addition, these both concepts perfectly may constructively to coexist in one construction of.The whole difference in the method of frying.On the a brazier all is roasted on skewers, and in a barbecue on lattices.Umeltsy on the the note: if the erect landline BBQ - think over the ability to install lattice, here to you and construction of a barbecue in the bargain, and if gathered to build a barbecue, then the, it is enough to provide for removable of the lattice and you have simultaneously will have the opportunity fry the meat on a brazier.In some such furnaces there is even a a stove grill!

Miniature kitchen outdoors.

Brick or a stone?Choosing a material is

In the first place at once we note that the an unequivocal choice can and not be required.Mineralnye breed and varieties brick can be to compose among themselves.The main thing that each element performed the the desired Technological Functions.So, for the foundation is better to use the material more a solid, capable of withstanding power loads.Excellent for these purposes will suit granite and marble.They same may applied with success for facing of brick barbecues, and barbecue grills.In places of directly exposed to high temperatures usually apply «Build kind brick» variant - Shamota.The most frequently is used for of construction of street foci of fireclay bricks general purpose of the brand ShA and ShB, capable of withstanding a temperature above 1650oC.Very is interesting and is promising, such a mother as limestone, possessing a large porosity, he is well withstands temperature differences.Also, are recommended to the use of dolomites and basalts.

Example of multifunctional stoves, fireplace separately hearth barbecue separately.

to contact the professionals?No.Making BBQ yourself!

The main reason for, on which people are willing to pay so-called to those skilled - is laziness, lack of time and fear of the new.With the first two copes themselves, and here with the third misfortune shall help.Let us describe the sequence of actions during the construction of of street furnace, before the operation «masonry».
Thus, we begin a step by step the construction of:

  • decide with a place playgrounds under the barbecue (connect the loved ones, they necessarily will help with a choice of, and most importantly will point places of, wherever they DO NOT wanted to see oven;
  • make the project. Here three variants of. Is possible to makehimself (having no experience with 98% probability fail). Use a ready from the Internet (a good option if are confident in the Author). Take from magazines and of special literature (the most the right decision);
  • do the calculation and purchase materials. Tools is possible andborrow;
  • boldly proceed to the lay the the foundation. If in time recollect about reinforcement, then all will be well;
  • if the foundation in the midst of plot will be ready, rest assured, now his wife and mother-in-law will make you all finish and masonry a barbecue will remain your most vivid recollection about thethe past vacation getaway.

Also, useful tips for the phased the construction of a barbecue you can look at the video:

Garden landing and a fireplace-a barbecue

Simple oven in the garden - it is a style country music in its pure form.But, fascinated by décor a harmonious the embossed of design with its help, we should not forget about such a component of garden furnace barbecue, as the - a large the allocation of of heat.Trumpet overheats and Trees, located near, can be are burned furnace gases and heat fluxes proceedeth out of the her.At the same time, competently executed design does not is heated in the largely, and hence, can be is decorated shrub, or low-growing fruit trees.

Even such a huge barbeque oven can be placed without compromising greenery.

How much space to withdraw under the the construction of a barbecue?

Here, of all very individually.It is possible to make a small pechechku, only in order, to once a month fry a couple of servings of meat with eggplant, as well possible and on that the-something more serious to aim a blow.Dimensions depend on the of your desire get a specific design and the from the requirements of functionality.However, if you have decided to take into account all and build «for the ages», then offer list of of necessary equipment and of constructional of modules for home a barbecue:

  • hotbed of;
  • steam sip-off;
  • drovnitsa;
  • regiment for spices;
  • regiment for utensils;
  • a working worktop;
  • the place storage inventory (tongs, a poker for and so forth.);
  • niche is for a sink (by the way, running water and sewerage, will transform oven-a barbecue in the a whole a kitchen node.)

The compact arrangement of the furnace barbecue and fireplace on the porch.

Where is build a a barbecue?

Question - how to choose zone barbecue on the dacha, when melee consideration of does not seem so simple.It should be take into account the whole series factors, ranging from the wind rose and ending with location with hearth to the neighboring plots.Here and hair dryer-Shui and the average number of of precipitation may have a value of for the hosts.However, the most important factor, according to which should be chosen zone is barbecue - safety.And because, any construction of begins with of designing on paper.Before as the most build a barbecue, need to choose pad under the foundation, wherein the to arrange her requires, so-, what would under any conditions warmth, the coals, sparks out of the pipe, have not got on combustible materials buildings.When choosing a place for the fireplace a barbecue near the of buildings, should be envisaged reliable thermal insulation the walls in a place of contact.

Angle sections darkened forest plantations now gained functionality.

Building a a barbecue: need a whether the a canopy?

Option for a barbecue without a roof should not be considered, how impossible.Very much it can be, that such a design is justified a rarity use or design solution.But as a rule, professional decorators, who care not about momentary effect, are trying to find opportunity to put a barbecue under the shelter.This gives the opportunity to, how to increase term of life furnace, so-and get maximum comfort at preparation of dishes.Garden furniture, located next with barbecue, may constructively to have a with her overall "roof".

Greek columns supporting the canopy structure will give a sense of security.

I am a was mistaken in poryadovkoy.Remodel?

All depends on that, as far as a meaningful plot will be is made with the violation of, and how seriously it is itself on the currently.If you have forgotten tie the the angles of, then, definitely, better right now to come back and to remake all so, as indicated in the drawings.Poryadovkoy is aged absolutely precisely, otherwise all the work may prove to be useless.The special the accuracy of requires at deducing on the patterns of arches and vaults, the slightest mistake and simply nothing will turn out.Such works is carried out in two stages, at first pick up the entire structure outside the working area, numerate the bricks, assort the resulting, and then only to is carried out a laying, adhering to numbering.

Modern masters with the help of Bulgarians and Power cutters cut each wedge brick , adjusting the overall size of the patterns set .